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Leros occupies a permanent spot in the heart of Mikael Colville-Andersen - CEO of Copenhagenize Design Co.. He had visited the island before but hadn’t been for a few years when he returned in 2014.

It was as charming as it ever was but speaking to the locals he learned that the island had ongoing challenges due to the financial crisis gripping Greece. The normal tourist base - the Greeks and Italians - were staying away and even with an influx of Turkish tourists the island is suffering.

It was time to try and help. The island - like most islands in the region - didn’t have a modern website to attract discerning visitors from Europe and it was rather anonymous on google. In market research, it was discovered that not many people who travelled to Greece had ever heard of the island.

What if the island had a website that appealed to potential visitors in Europe, showing off all the things that make the island wonderful? As well as a visual identity and communication strategy that could be developed into a community-owned and operated resource for attracting more visitors in the short and long term?

The result is this website. Enlisting the help of friends and members of the team at Copenhagenize Design Company, a visual identity was developed and this site was constructed. All pro bono - as a way to try and boost the economy of one Greek island. The goal is not to create a new Kos but rather to attract visitors who seek a different kind of island where they can get away from it all. The elements of life that make Leros a special place.

Mikael Colville-Andersen - concept, design, strategy
Jonas Emil Andersen - code and programming
James Thoem - project management and content
Sietze Faber - design and code